New Business Development

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Our sales pipeline grew at a rate that met our growth targets, and we extended our client reach extensively.

As your ‘outsourced, in-house team’ we offer a customized package of new business development services.  The list below is by no means comprehensive, it’s purpose is to give you an overview.  Let’s discuss what we can do together.  Call us on 07884357187 to see how we can help you.

  • Prepare a focused Business Development Strategy – to achieve your short term and longer term growth plans
  • Co-ordinate and manage your New Business Development activities
  • Plan and execute a comprehensive customer survey – enabling you to understand your customer segments and identify your CLV (customer lifetime value) customers
  • Generate a customised list based around your target prospects  – much more effective than a purchased list
  • Conduct thorough offine/online/social investigations and market research, to ensure greater reach
  • Carry out detailed pre-qualification exercises to prepare the newly generated list for expert telemarketing
  • Immediate follow up via email with further information to ensure new interest remains active
  • Prompt verification via telephone to ensure information has been received and answer any preliminary questions