Intelligent Telemarketing

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Acorn2Oak are simply the best telemarketing that I know of in this field.  They access the highest levels in organisations due to their experience and intellect. If you want the job done properly, well and on time, then Acorn2Oak are the ones you need.

As your ‘outsourced, in-house team’ we offer a customized package of intelligent telemarketing services.  The list below is by no means comprehensive, it’s purpose is to give you an overview.  Let’s discuss what we can do together.  Call us on 07884 357187 to see how we can help you.

  • Develop, manage and execute successful telemarketing campaign
  • Analyse targets to understand their business challenges & possible objections to develop a strategy to overcome them
  • Segment your target audience into markets, business unit, job title, decision maker or influencer status
  • Check and pre-qualify your target list to ensure you are communicating to an audience that is interested in your offering, has a need and a budget
  • Get past switchboards and gatekeepers through experienced professionals who are familiar in dealing with these obstacles
  • Having experience in most sectors our team can introduce your solution/product/service offering to interested parties, ensuring an element of curiosity is left for you to discuss further
  • Immediately setting vital meetings to provide mutually convenient times for you to showcase your offerings.