New Business Development

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New Business Development:

This client:  Genano UK Ltd is a leading manufacturer of specialised air purification systems.  They had a substantial database of sales targets in the UK laboratory market, which required evaluation, prioritising and starting to contact the targets for sales meetings.

Together with A2O we worked on the evaluation criteria, they created the suggested priority list for our comments and approval and started to arrange the meetings with the listed prospective clients. Regular progress updates were agreed as well.

“Both parties knew that the task was challenging because of the new company in UK, new product to the UK market and our air purifiers are very much for niche purposes. However, the hit ratio for arranged sales meetings exceeded our expectations so we had the wanted results.”


New Business Development:

This client is an Innovation Market Growth Consultancy.  They were looking to expand their business into the retail, finance and banking sector & needed to generate a customised list of prospective key decision makers and stakeholders.  Additionally they wanted to better understand their competitive landscape.  They engaged A2O to create an accurate list of targets & pre-qualify them.

The information given helped them understand their KPI offering better.  The pre-qualified list was accurate, up to date and completely in line with project brief.

“We were very pleased with the outcome of these initial projects.  As such, we have decided to keep A2O on an annual basis to ensure our information remains accurate and up-to-date.”