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Below are some of our recent project stories....

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Complete Business End-2-End Solutions:

This client is an international Software Solution provider to the Insurance and banking market. A2O have been contracted on an ongoing monthly basis for nearly 10 years to gain traction in the UK & European region.  The Board recognized the need for expanded footprint into emerging markets, namely South Africa.  The most cost-effective way to promote their services and reach the right decision makers for the desired target markets – Insurance and Banking offering short term insurance, life insurance and reinsurance – would be to utilize the skills Acorn2Oak Marketing Ltd provided.

Intelligent Telemarketing:

A2O were initially hired on a contractual basis to advise on the best route to market.  It was decided to execute a telemarketing campaign to identify contacts & conduct market research to understand their UK business potential. Through early successes at generating qualified appointments A2O are now kept on a continual retainer, to continue to build and verify the lead database, whilst nurturing relationships with existing clients.  Telemarketing activities are also regularly used to raise market awareness, promote events/conferences globally and continue their understanding of current competitor and market landscapes. Geographies covered UK, Europe, North America and South Africa

New Business Development:

Additionally, A2O are used to provide regular new business development activities.  Over the last year alone A20 have, supporting 3 business units, we have achieved over 150 quality meetings with C-Level Decision Makers. Leading to a healthy pipeline across al three business units in UK, Euope and South Africa

Marketing Solutions:

As the relationship strengthened, Acorn2Oak were given additional responsibilities, by managing several marketing campaigns.  These range from email/telemarketing, to creation of vital collateral (online/offline), to events/conferences – for established and emerging markets. Every campaign A2O have advised and managed have been hugely successful and resulted in numerous opportunities.  A2O understand both business unit, market and cultural differences, and so are able to create relevant and engaging messaging to encourage prospects to respond to emails and attend events.

Virtual Administration – CRM database management:

Ensuring all records in the company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system is vital. It was also included in the brief for A2O to manage this aspect of our prospects and customers; from individual records to mass uploads.  All records are kept up to date and are distributed to global Sales Directors regularly.  Acorn2Oak are very professional in their communication to all global staff.

“The major benefit to us in expanding A2O services within our business over the last 10 years has been their ability to successfully link their intelligent telemarketing to new business development to marketing strategy; all supported by their virtual administration.  This powerful combination has resulted in us securing several £millions in new and continued business.  We would not have been able to achieve what we have without the knowledge and experience of Acorn2Oak Marketing.”


Complete Business End-2-End Solutions:

This client provides FINTECH solutions.  Looking to launch a new product portfolio it soon became clear outsourced expertise was required to raise awareness in terms of company profile, brand and solutions via social media channels.  Additionally experience in getting past gatekeepers was crucial in reaching desired targets to get those valuable meetings.

Intelligent Telemarketing:

An understanding of the marketplace and business potential was the first step.  Acorn2Oak were hired on a short term contract to create and pre-qualify a target database in existing and emerging markets.

 New Business Development:

Following on from the initial lead database creation, A2O were engaged to arrange a set of meetings for the Sales team to present their solutions to Director and C-Level prospects.  A2O were able to get past many gatekeepers, facilitating more meetings than originally anticipated.

Social Media Marketing:

Acorn2Oak created the project plans, managed and executed the strategy.  The company was promoted via the right channels & some excellent relevant content was created, which enthused target prospects to contact us.  In a very short time, the new solution offering became very visible in the right market.

“The collaboration between three of Acorn2Oak’s specialisations was instrumental in us achieving our goals. Their detailed analysis of our business and our requirements proved hugely beneficial as it actually enabled us to get our return on investment much quicker than originally anticipated.”