New Homeworker Telemarketers

Kudos to you! welcome to the world of lead generation

The pandemic has been quite interesting.  Office workers suddenly were expected to immediately work from home – make phone calls and carry on with normal procedures as they would during day to day routine office work.

People working in sales and new business generation would suddenly be expected to carry on with online lead generation identification, tracking in various forms, spanning spreadsheets to CRM solutions. 

Lead generators were suddenly expected to make phone calls from home with quickly implemented telephony solutions.

All great stuff and I have been absolutely delighted to speak with many and learn that the majority of businesses and lead generators were able to adapt so quickly to the new way of working.

I want to give a big shout out to all those employees – KUDOS to you!  You have made the transition (I am sure with a few hiccups) but nevertheless you are now outsourced inhouse lead generators and telemarketers.  Welcome to the club 😊

You may read this blog and think my comments odd, as effectively the pandemic has meant businesses like ours suddenly are faced with an unprecedented number of competitors.  You are absolutely right in this observation. However..

Telemarketing has always and will always be a skill not everyone possesses.  It is an essential part of the sales process, which – let’s face it – the majority of us are not really comfortable with.  It’s much easier to send a connection request, a message, an email or a zoom/skype chat. 

Picking up the phone and putting yourself out there for the purpose of trying to find that person/business that may be interested in your product/service can be daunting, even if you are aware of effective communication steps. 

Again I revert back to Kudos to those who have tried something new and adapted in the pandemic, to really use the time to learn new telemarketing skills as they work through their respective prospect lists before finding and reaching those that show interest.

Covid has dramatically changed the way in which people are communicating as well.

The general global sentiment of ‘we’re all in this together’ in the first months showed an unprecedented high level of pretty much EVERYONE answering the phone – let me tell you a telemarketers’ dream come true. 

We’ve always been good at getting through gatekeepers, in fact it’s one of our unique selling points.

As we moved through Covid this drastically changed, and in the following few months it was very interesting to see a dramatic change in call acceptance – from open doors to shut vaults.  Clearly a result of the incredible transition to telemarketing across the globe which businesses and C level management soon realised needed to be understood and validated before wasting their time in useless conversations.

Here is where the true skills of telemarketers became apparent.  Whilst we noticed the transition back to the gatekeeper, we were still delighted with the sheer volume of conversations we were able to conduct, many resulting in client meetings.

Speaking to wide ranging groups of telemarketers – from newly transitioned individuals to experienced experts, as with anything, experience prevailed.

There is a message here for newly transitioned lead generators and telemarketers – do not give up – keep going to continually challenge us, the experts, as that is what makes us all better.

Now the world seems to have stabilised we are seeing things transition to a new normal indeed – gatekeepers are in place however tend to have a little more interest in creative options for their business.  In other words, Covid has meant everyone is listening just a little bit more, which can only benefit us all, I truly believe.

Added to that the clarity in discussions which meant transitioning to straight forward talking with honesty is something we have been insisting on for years.

So what will the future hold I wonder? I certainly intend to watch with open and interested eyes and will of course report back in a few months’ time…

Do you have similar or different experiences?  Please do share them I would love to hear your experiences.


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