Remote working

Top tips and other considerations

We are adaptable.  We can implement change.  It’s certainly been tried, tested and proven these last few months.

To help the transition, last month I provided lots of short tips in a weekly blog series to help with carrying out lead generation, relationship building, nurturing activities with a goal to setting up meetings.  This month I go beyond the top tips to further discuss considerations such as capability, logistics and impacts of remote working.

In case you missed it here’s the list below:

  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #1: Time management 5 top tips: 1) 1 hr slots & 15 min breaks: focussed work 2) 1 hr a day to catch up 3) 1 hr social media 4) 1 hr for a LUNCH, stretch & get fresh air 5) Keep to your daily schedule.
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #2: effective research 6 top tips: 1) write target list 2) visit company websites 3) look at Linkedin people & connections 4) read company news 5) read industry news 6) collate prospect information
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #3:  making connections 3 top tips: 1) ask to connect 2) be honest 3) offer apology if not interested
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #4:  tracking and following 3 top tips: 1) list names & reasons 2) follow up 1 week later 3) follow up 3 weeks later.
  • Challenges in #remoteworking for #leadgen #5: converting connections to relationships 4 top tips: 1) discuss joint interests 2) identify joint opportunities 3) it’s about them 4) talk regularly.
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #6:  materials preparation & personalisation 5 top tips: 1) focus on your customer interests 2) get the tone right 3) make it colourful 4) keep it simple 5)  add different call to actions
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #7: book meetings 6 top tips: 1) ask directly 2) make convenient time 3) confirm in conversation 4) send immediate invite 5) confirm again by telephone a day later 6) send info & reminder a day before.
  • Challenges in remote working for #leadgen #8:  telemarketing 6 top tips: 1) be honest 2) LISTEN 3) repeat 4) smile as you talk 5) always agree follow up 6) DO follow up immediately. 

There are of course inherent considerations for carrying out all of these activities. The list below aims to provide guidance for homeworking in terms of what capabilities you have, what logistics need to be sorted out, what the impacts are and how you can effectively manage those.  Here goes…

1. Capability: Apart from challenges with remote working in multiple occupancy situations (family, flatshares etc) people are suddenly expected to naturally be comfortable working in a secluded environment, being able to work on their systems as they would in the office.  Making phone and video calls or spending more time on their laptops, devices and desktops as they are not interrupted.  But is this really the case? How are people managing the challenges with home life and work life without interruption? what about time management – to get up regularly and step away from devices to maintain wellness? What if lead gen activities are having dive moments, who do people talk to for guidance?  What if some people simply cannot make the change? do you change work tasks and split amongst colleagues? Do you mix outsourcing with inhouse perhaps? Can you use agencies temporarily to provide any short term gaps? What if you have had to furlough employees whilst still needing to carry on with generating leads to keep your business going? How about the shift in lead gen practices to become more digitally focussed? How about coaching/training to ensure lead generators develop newly required skills, continue to follow standard practices and remain enthusiastic? MANAGE this with regular communication, really understand everyone’s situation, capability and understanding – twice a week is best: weekly team meetings and weekly on-on-ones.  That way everyone stays focussed, can voice and deal with any concerns, highlight upcoming issues and of course share a bit of missing ‘office gossip’; perhaps even take it further to have fortnightly team activities to build connections.

2. Logistics: Are people able to access vital business information to make important phone/video calls? Can people update business systems with information after the calls or share emails/notes across social platforms?  What about telephone expenses? Or home use of utilities as work is being carried out at home? Insurance costs? How are businesses coping with these sudden extra expense requests, ensuring staff are not out of pocket?  MANAGE this with business systems, ensuring everyone has a suitable device for working at home, good internet connectivity, work phones or integrated telephony systems, access to company applications and of course a newly implemented expense policy and process, ensuring rapid repayment of any out of pocket employee expenses. Essentially providing the fundamentals people expect in the office; perhaps even take it further to send little office packs to employees – something as simple as a pack of teabags and biscuits will go  a long way.

3. Impacts: The impact of remote working certainly requires a fundamental change management process – whilst most people will experience the same challenges, many will have additional impacts that will require flexibility in terms of working hours to ensure a good work / life balance is maintained.  Keeping everyone up-to-date and engaged will certainly create that feeling of community and help drive the business forward.  Disconnected people do not work well together and cannot perform individually as they may not have all the information they need to do their job.  MANAGE these with communication, flexibility and understanding.  Even being creative in the way people work together.

I hope this has helped guide you through this interesting period.  Of course with a general mood that business and work is about to open up again with a new way of working – other issues will naturally arise, I certainly am looking forward to these challenges and opportunities.  I hope you are too!  Happy remote working!


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