Save money whilst generating warm/hot leads:

Here’s how (part 1 of 3)

Everyone thinks they can easily generate reliable leads. But they cannot. It’s a fact. With careful planning, experience of previous campaigns and the complexities of data compliance, there are clear dos and don’ts when it comes to lead gen and telemarketing. The first thing is…

KNOW the difference between lead gen/telemarketing and intelligent lead gen/telemarketing.  Sound like marketing blurb?  Possibly.  Is it though? Absolutely NOT, and here’s why.

Anyone can search for leads.  Anyone can pick up a phone and call those leads.  That is not in dispute.  But how to get the best out of lead selection, segmentation, prospecting, nurturing, ultimately taking the lead on a journey to become a customer is a completely different matter.

We’ve seen companies start lead gen and telemarketing activities time and time again, with many not achieving their anticipated goals.  Why? because they have not been thoroughly planned, as everyone was focussed on the sales targets and anticipated results rather than actually delivering during each phase of the project.

The result? Wasted company spend & wasted employee time.

Here are some top tips to help your business get the most out of it’s lead gen / telemarketing spend and help you – the project manager – achieve campaign success.

Investigate: speak to your stakeholders (business owners, head of departments, sales managers) and ask what they are trying to achieve, where they want to grow the business, what the key message is they want to convey and who they want to have as primary targets and secondary targets.

  • Primary targets are those prospects that have buying power
  • Secondary targets are those prospects who are key influencers

Analyse: conduct a snapshot research to present back to your stakeholders and provide them with a targeted campaign – with actually putting details to their wish list.  Be specific, try this:

  • We want to (grow our business, improve our service, make sales)
  • We want to grow our sales in (a particular product / service)
  • We want to grow our sales to (a particular type of business size / industry / region)
  • We want to say (write their key words and put it in to a message that will resonate to the prospect – not to the business stakeholders)
  • We want to sell to (prospect profiles – job titles / what is important to them / are they primary or secondary AND where to find them)

Agree: once the analysis has been agreed, start your research – to fill add numbers to the plan.  Review marketing tactics and tools to integrate raising awareness/providing information/giving engagement opportunities/tracking new leads & follow up.  Set timelines and key deliverables for each individual responsible in the above steps

Allocate:  ensure you have the right individuals tasked who are not only capable of completing each task well they also have the time to do it.  This can mean allocating in-house talent, engaging external agencies or a combination of both (more on this next month)

Start the campaign: ensure weekly updates for everyone to understand what is going well, what needs to change and celebrate little successes along the way

Track: ensure all tracking is done and shared so all follow ups can be managed in a timely manner.  It would be a shame to put all this work in at the start of the campaign, only to lose out as late / no follow up has been done

Review: monthly / quarterly reviews to understand how the project is going and what can be done better next time.

These are pretty standard steps, and as you read them you are probably thinking you know this.  You’d be surprised just how often these key steps are forgotten or ignored when running lead gen/telemarketing campaigns.

Next month, in part 2 I will take a closer look at the significance of research, telemarketing and the value of combining in house talent with external expertise.  Can’t wait for next month? Then get in touch for a sneak preview!

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