Lead tracking should be your priority

get it right make sales ... get it wrong and you've lost your pipeline

in other words: Business benefits to getting lead tracking right

What is your businesses’ life cycle of a prospect? what steps are involved in transitioning a lead to a customer? How can you – the salesperson – influence the prospect and turn that caterpillar into a butterfly? And crucially just how can you monitor that transition? What role does marketing have to play? What role does sales have to play? How well do these two collaborate within your company?

I am not talking about sales techniques, I am referring to having the information readily accessible about the prospect..

In other words:  lead tracking

The general rule is that it takes between 5-12 touchpoints from new lead to sale closure, depending on the product or service you are selling. So, how do you as the marketing person ensure the leads are entered into the life cycle process, once you have collected them? How do you as the salesperson keep track of all the times you contacted a lead? 

The answer is simple: lead tracking

How do you remember what time you called the prospect, what you discussed; both in terms of product/service and other topics; weather/events/any activity they were engaged in or interested in.

The answer is simple: lead tracking

Get it, got it, good. Now do it.

Sounds simple, but in reality, it is quite time consuming if you want to do it right. You must have a prospecting tool or lead tracking solution – a.k.a. Customer Relationship Management Solution (CRM for short). There are some good tools out there such as Salesforce or MS Dynamics to name a few we’ve worked with.   With consistent and up to date information being entered by all employees involved in the lead life cycle process the shared ownership and visibility will improve your overall sales growth as it takes the prospect on a better journey to becoming your customer.

The key challenge is in turning a generic CRM solution into a GOOD, usable solution for the lead tracking / lead nurturing process and ensuring it replicates what you – the marketing and salesperson – does in the field. Aligning your sales business process to an application led process to gain vital insights. If this is not clearly matched, those responsible for entering day-to-day data into the solution, will not do it and you will lose oversight and miss those vital insights.

I cannot stress the importance of this enough. In our experience this is where new business development can fall far short of desired outcomes.

Once your solution is in place, you/your teams will need to capture lead data. This should include recording of – EVERYTHING – from initial upload on information such as:

  • Name, company, address, email, telephones, social handles
  • Research carried out on the business type for B2B or personal interests for B2C: obtained by publicly available information sources
  • Any actions carried out, such as phone calls: dates, times, discussed topics, obtained permissions to contact
  • linked to the /sales marketing campaign

Second, you need to track daily interactions and set up future tasks to automatically remind you/your team to:

  • share social media interactions: like / follow / share any of their posts if relevant (ONLY if relevant without being a stalker)
  • call actions ensuring you are calling your prospects back at an agreed time and date with any further information suitable to their needs (does not have to be product/service related, but should include a relevant industry topic related snippet)
  • meeting actions to get together if requested
  • email actions if you feel a relevant information source would be valuable to them at a certain time
  • any involvement with other business functions for collaborative proposal presentations

Third, having clearly defined opportunity / sales proposal steps leading on to recording produce/solution purchases on the system. Does your product require maintenance? service amendments? can your CRM solution manage this? in line with business transactional processes? whilst the connection may not be immediately clear, once linked, this information will provide a complete picture of your customer giving your customer service teams the ability to really understand your clients when dealing with any enquiries. Your sales teams will have great visibility into cross sell opportunities as well.

You will also have insights such as communications strategies per campaign / project / segmented audience reports. Only if, of course, your teams have entered all relevant information correctly and for EVERY viable prospect in your lead list. Even if your lead list consists of 100s of names.

YES, it is time consuming, however the benefits are not only success in selling, your business will have insights into campaign effectiveness, ROI and areas for future optimisations.

Following on, you – the salesperson – can have many automatic work triggers in place helping you achieve your sales targets by being notified of lead prospecting actions on a regular basis. This information can be displayed in easy to understand dashboards and reports you can share during regular management update meetings demonstrating proactive work actions in line with your sales pipeline growth plans.

In other words: lead tracking helps you sell, better understand the prospect journey to becoming a customer, gain vital insights to helping you do your job better & impress your managers as you demonstrate your proactivity.

Believe it or not there are businesses out there that track opportunities within their CRM systems, but are not automatically notified of upcoming deadlines: therefore, they do not contact these opportunities in good time.  The result: waste of money, lost time ending is lost sales.

There are so many opportunities available with a lead tracking / customer life cycle solution…

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