The Summer dilemma

Do you consider August to be a dead month?

Businesses must continue to grow.  Simple.  If your business is seasonal and summer is your main month of activity excellent! If not, what do you do?  Do you continue your growth targets, do you slow them down, do you go on holiday, do you plan for the final growth push in Q4 or do you simply keep calm and carry on?

This summer is a particularly tricky one – especially with all the ‘doom and gloom’ predictions of a threatening no deal Brexit looming….

So, what do you do? Does it depend on the size of your business? Does it depend on your product/service offering? Does it depend on your target market?

I trust, like many, you will be looking to grow your business by analysing the past 6/7 months and preparing for the final Q3/Q4 push.  Great stuff.  However, there is a simple activity I’d like to propose you try this summer…

Get in touch with your customers & prospects to take stock of where you are and prepare for the future.

Simply, due to the fact that August is perceived as a summer month, your prospects and customers will typically be in a good mood. So, seize the day!!!  Why not try this:

CALL ALL YOUR EXISTING CUSTOMERS.  You may reach many, you may only reach a few.  Key is to take stock of how your clients and customers are at the mid- year point.  Happy? Annoyed? Do they feel your product/service is serving them well? Are they going away – if yes, wish them a good holiday – if no, then wish them a good summer.

CALL ALL YOUR PROSPECTS.  Same as above, you may reach many, you may only reach a few.  Key is to use this as a second touchpoint to simply say hi and ask if they are going away – if yes, wish them a good holiday – if no, then wish them a good summer.

Here are some key tips for the calls:

  • Check their contact preferences in line with GDPR
  • Keep it short: this is a quick call – unless they have something to say
  • Be honest: tell them why you are calling – customers: to ensure they are fine/prospects: just wanted to get in touch
  • Keep it simple: ask basic personal summer plan questions – do not demand details – they will tell you if they want to

Depending on your plans and lists of course, an easily achievable goal would be to call 5 people a day; around 2 pm.  Try it and be sure to record any interaction & corresponding details that you can refer back to when you call again in the autumn.

These two touchpoints are simple summer exercises, that will help you build a relationship with your customers and prospects.  It makes them feel important to you – both as people and as businesses.    Critical here is that you DO NOT sell anything, you DO let them you know will be in touch in the autumn to follow up.

The autumn follow up is the time when you could GENTLY INTRODUCE your product/services to them; possibly cross sell to existing customers and/or introduce something new.

That’s it!  Happy summer.  If you like this blog please do let me know – hey why not have a look at my other tips n tricks, simply by looking through my other Linkedin articles or website posts.  If you have any questions or comments, do leave them or call me on my mobile to discuss on 07884 357187. Mel

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