Lead Generation trends 2019 survey results

Letter first then call or vice versa?

What is happening in the world of lead generation today? With all the complexities such as GDPR just how do salespeople in today’s world navigate through the tricky task of finding new prospects, understanding their requirements, make initial contact and building relationships to make that all-important sale.

We know what’s happening within our business and with our clients, but does it actually reflect what’s happening in the wider business community in the UK? To find out we’ve recently conducted a poll with various clients, marketing consultancies and social connections.

Happy to say our findings did reflect our experiences (phew!) however did also bring up some unexpected surprises. Have a look at our results below:

  • CALL BEFORE SENDING A LETTER IS THE WINNER! Interestingly, in line with our experiences, call before sending a letter prevails. For many reasons too; mainly to reduce costs in sending expensive direct mails to prospects who inevitably may simply dump the mailer in a bin.  Whilst salespeople may want to avoid that direct cold call, trends prove the importance of speaking to people from the outset. Key here is to ensure integrity and a non-intrusive approach.
  • FACE TO FACE This was a surprising comment to us, given by several respondents. Whilst the gold dust of any prospecting, the determination of simply walking up to a prospect, making introductions and directly asking for future time was quite impressive. These respondents knew who was going to be at which trade shows / networking events and fully ‘seized the day.’
  •  LETTER BEFORE CALL We believed this might be the winner, as cold calling is an unpopular but necessary exercise in lead generation. There were a number of respondents who preferred sending generic mailers, which were then followed up by calls as it provides an ice breaker. Willing to pay up-front costs as the enabler to provide their telemarketers with that all important first line, ‘courtesy call to see if you have received our mailer’…  not on trend anymore however, due to rising print/postage costs and the adoption of more detailed telephone research.
  • GDPR A polar-opposite method to the Face2Face advocates, an equal number of respondents preferred to follow a more researched path by thoroughly checking GDPR / TPS / marketing permission before approaching any prospects, using the channel the prospects agreed to be contacted through.
  • CONNECTING AT EVENTS This too was quite an interesting and unexpected response. Not referring to the Face2Face approach at events, the respondents here all preferred to connect via speaking at events. Whilst many businesses shy away from the potentially exorbitant costs, many respondents confirmed this being one of their main contact strategies to showcase expertise and start networking opportunities arising out of queries from session attendees.

In summary calling people, making face to face connections, connecting & building relationships at events, sending relevant information to prospects, all in line with compliance regulations are all key when it comes to lead generation and ultimately making sales. However, conducting telephone research stands out by far as the first touch point when it comes to lead generation.

Other takeaways were ‘relevance is key’; providing something for the prospect both on a business and personal level.

This was an interesting poll and I would like to thank all those who have taken the time to answer our phone calls and social media posts.

Naturally, as an expert in telemarketing, I am delighted that the ‘call before letter’ mantra I consistently advise, is as relevant today as it was 25 years ago. The difference of course is that now telemarketing is intelligent, focussed, interesting, targeted and – most important – NON INTRUSIVE, rather than scattergun and annoying which was the past.

I hope you found this as useful as we did. We’ve got lots of other interesting articles on various elements of lead generation – why not have a look through our other blogs? Then of course call us if you have any comments or questions or…. If we can help you! Thanks for your time today, Mel

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