Marketing agencies have a double whammy

Marketing involves not just broadcasting what a business has to offer, it also involves lead generation and nurturing to obtain vital prospect engagement. Sales can then start to build relationships off the back of this engagement, to close the deals and create long term loyal customers.

Agencies must ensure they grow their business by obtaining new clients.  Clients will pay agencies to showcase their offering and produce quality prospects to justify the cost of hiring the agency.

We all know this.  Seems straightforward? Yep, yet in practice this can be quite a complicated ask.  Having the expertise to carry out the numerous tasks readily available is crucial. To name a few:

·         client project managers to oversee the integrated campaign

·         conducting market research to find prospects and requirements

·         having digital coders to hand to create intriguing landing pages

·         developing consistent content strategy

·         creating relevant exciting copy

·         graphic designers to visualise the copy

·         awaking interest through social media targeting

·         getting past gatekeepers by expert telemarketing

·         CRM analyst for data capture & lead nurture funnel

·         sales team to introduce new clients to client project managers (back to the top bullet)

This can be either inhouse or outsourced.  Most SME agencies will have their own in-house experts for their business growth, with one or two tasks listed above farmed out on client projects.  Most SME agencies will outsource one or two of the above listed activities, based on client project demand, either from a sector and/or regional requirement.

What determines which activity to keep in-house or white space it?  Well, that will depend on the client project.  This will then drive the need to marketing agencies to create and maintain a list of suppliers to help deliver key client projects. A proactive approach rather than scrambling around to meet client demand once the project has been signed off.

Here is where agencies like Acorn2Oak Marketing enter the arena.  Many will have a particular field where they provide white space services.

We are experts in telemarketing and social media prospecting.  We can help with agency growth as well as delivering client projects.

We have helped marketing agencies and direct clients from various sizes and in a wide range of sectors grow – both in the UK and in emerging markets.

Contact us today to learn more and discuss the possibility of adding us to your list of outsourced experts. Call Melanie on 07884 357187. Speak soon!

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