7 top tips for selling commercial health insurance

Even though commercial health insurance is something every business requires, it is often pushed down the list of requirements when it comes to running businesses.  Let’s face it insurance is not the most exciting thing in the world and often a topic people tend to avoid as it provides protection against the unexpected turn of events for the worse.

So how do you as a commercial insurance salesperson be proactive, get those vital leads, build a relationship and write those polices?  Simple.  By using traditional techniques combined with innovative technology, whilst ensuring modern compliance.

Just what does this mean and how can you work this into your day to day life?  Have a look at this list below:

  • One clear message: What do you want to say? What do you want to be known for? this should be both for your business and you as an individual. Define your message clearly and stick to it for the duration of your campaign
  • Know your audience: do the research – who are your prospects? What interests them? What’s happening in the health insurance sector? Or their business sector in terms of employee healthcare? Does your message match what they are looking for?  where are they active? When are they looking for information? How are they looking for information? Use all tools available – such as online and – ready for it – the telephone.
  • Strategy and execution: Compare your message with your research. Write up your strategy and diarise your execution. Answer questions such as: where/when you are going to put your initial set of tweets & posts, how/when you will make contact, how/when you will follow up and finally, how many times you will follow up before scheduling a future action
  • GO GO GO get known: make some noise – get your message out there – use great images and videos (keep files small). Start with intriguing messages, ask questions, then offer answers.
  • Make contact: be honest in your approach, ask for connections and give a reason why – share stories or hard sell – your choice, you should know what works best if you have done your market research at the start of your campaign. Once you are connected – get on the phone and make calls
  • Follow up: how many touch points does the average commercial health insurance product require? At least 7.  With such a high number you need to ensure your message is flowing nicely – from raising your awareness, to initial questions, to answers, to offering information, to liking your prospect activity, to asking more questions, to contact, to further questions, to meeting, to sharing more information, really build a relationship that works for both sides and provides interesting conversation – does not always have to be about your product you are selling.  Share common / interesting views.  Take it from social to the telephone – start geniune conversations with people and keep them going.
  • Creating / maintaining your new client: the next step of course is the meeting, the quoting, the new policy.  However, it does not stop there.  A customer who feels important is a customer that becomes a loyal advocate.  Keep up the contact post policy to ensure your new client is happy and well looked after.  That will make your future renewal much easier.


Conducting a new business development campaign requires an enormous effort, which requires expertise in many fields.  Most often sales teams are not experienced in all aspects.  It pays in the long run to get a little help where needed.  Do you have in-house social media teams?  Do you have in-house telemarketers? If yes great – please share your success stories we’d love to hear and share them too.  If not, have a look at outside consultants who can help you in these areas.  Of course, we are such consultants and would welcome the opportunity to talk to you about telemarketing and social media.

Please feel free to read and run with our advice or read and contact us.  Regardless of your choice, we wish you every success in growing your pipeline and making those crucial sales.

Who am I? Melanie Hill, a new business development expert for over 25 years.


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