IT start ups in 2018

How can you kick start your business?

You’ve put together your business plan and growth strategy.  You received funding to support your plan.  Now it’s time to execute and grow.  Regardless if you are selling a product or strategy, it is vital to ensure that you are consistent in carrying out your plans, with regular review and optimisation.

This key checklist will help you ensure you start off on the right path.  This list does come with a warning though – it will take a LOT of time.  You can look to do this on your own, or you can look to outsource some elements to achieve maximum return.  Question for you is: are there enough hours in the day for you to do everything?  The answer is simple: NO.

Raise awareness: people need to know who you are, what you do, where you are, when can they find you and – most importantly why they should find you. You need to ensure your website contains all this information and you can be found, and easily too.

Ask to be heard: you need to go to your potential customers, not sit around and wait for them to come to you.  Even though this may seem obvious, it is astonishing at how many IT start-ups fail within the first 3 years.  You need to ensure your marketing strategy has a combined approach. Go for maximum reach, social impressions, connection building and follow up with direct engagement.

Reach out: you need to speak to your potential customers and meet with them face to face. Ensure timely follow up! and continue to build relationships.  Again, I am always amazed at how many people simply forget to follow up on calls. Use telemarketing as part of your marketing strategy and follow it through to lead generation, nurturing and appointment setting.

Follow up: after each contact point with potential customers it is hugely important you follow up, again and again and again.  Of course, you do not want to overwhelm your prospects, but you do want to remain in their minds – in a positive way.

Look after your customers: sounds odd that I add this? Well it shouldn’t. A happy customer will be your best advocate and can even offer you more cross selling opportunities.  Loyal customers can even bring you new customers.

All of these points probably sound like elementary business lessons 101? Well they are.  The reason why I list them is to get you thinking deeper.  Exactly how to follow through with these points and actively dedicated the time they require.  Also, do you have the right skills for all of these points?  Most likely not – and you are not alone. Instead of wasting valuable time I suggest looking through these points, adding the depth of detail in terms of HOW you would execute them and then looking at what you can do and what you can outsource.  It doesn’t have to be a big expenditure to start off with.  Start with smaller projects that you can manage and grow from there.

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