Telemarketing: dead or GDPR revival?

gdpr telemarketing

Telemarketing is like Marmite: you either love it or hate it.  Sales people and lead generators are either confident telemarketers, or avoid the phones whenever possible. This is nothing new.

Telemarketing has had a lot of bad press and it’s no wonder why. Telemarketing is traditionally done on a generic basis – the numbers game -, at the most inconvenient times and in the most inappropriate and obtrusive manner. These are the fundamental reasons why regulators have set up stringent rules to protect individuals which give heavy fines to businesses abusing this lead generation tool. TPA sound familiar?

Many companies therefore naturally avoid telemarketing agencies for mass calling and for good reason.

Roll on 2017 and we are hearing about the EU adopting new GDPR rules – turning into regulation May 2018; how personal data is held, processed, shared and how contact is made.

Many companies therefore will naturally have to avoid marketing companies offering mass emailing and for good reason.

That brings up the question: how can you find leads and turn them into opportunities and ultimately, sales? The answer is obvious, yet all too often forgotten; by building connections and relationships.

With generic telemarketing clearly dead, GDPR will revive telemarketing, but in a new format. After all, connections can only be made by SPEAKING to one another. In an engaging way. Not simply by playing the numbers game.

Telemarketing will form part of an integrated lead generation process, not just a standalone activity. Here’s how integrated lead generation works:

WHO: understand who prospects are – not just a business, but individuals within the business.

WHAT: truly understand what your prospects want and what motivates them.

WHERE: understand where they are looking to get information on solving their problem or giving them an advantage.

WHEN: understand key times of the day/week/month/year they are more open to new contacts.

WHY: understand why they would want to connect you.

HOW: understand how they want to be contacted and follow that – initially. You can always expand your contact strategies once you have started building a connection


I love the buzz about GDPR. Why? Because it is enforcing honesty within new business development. With digital evidence backing regulations.

GDPR will revive telemarketing and of course this excites us here at Acorn2Oak Marketing. It will refocus the sales industry and provide great opportunities for collaboration between good telemarketing agencies and companies across the board. The numbers game is dead. It’s time for intelligent contact strategies and activities. Will this bring a boost to telemarketing? I see a bright future…

Did you know? You can start preparing for GDPR compliance with telemarketing activities now – to get ahead of the game. How? call us and find out: 01865 893 219 or click – top right contact me now form – and we will call you.


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