IT Solutions Reseller

A UK based IT reseller was hired by an Enterprise Solutions Vendor to break into a new market and make sales. The short term project was to book 5 meetings within a 10 day period.  With only a few Account Managers available at the time, it became clear they needed external expertise, to research the market and identify new targets, pre-qualify them, make contact and set up the meetings for the Account Managers to make their proposition offering.

Acorn2Oak Marketing were hired on a short term basis to do exactly that.  Having completed the process and setting up 6 meetings the Account Managers set to work.  Four months later, and several high value opportunities booked, the Reseller engaged Acorn2Oak Marketing on a longer term retention contract, to ensure we were available as and when needed.

It is now 3 years later and we have been involved in numerous projects with this reseller, giving them over £850k in pipeline to date.  The Vendor-Reseller relationship has grown strong as a direct result of these projects, as has the Reseller-Marketing Agency.