UK based Marketing Agency

Successful SME Marketing agency was looking to raise brand awareness through online channels. They were looking to position themselves as professional experts in their field of operations, as well as demonstrate an understanding of current issues and marketing requirements within various sectors.

Following thorough interviews and analysis of the brand, a 3-month project was created, using LinkedIn as the social media channel. The first aim was to promote the brand as a market leader within the marketing sector and increase customer, prospect and employee engagement.  The second aim was to raise awareness and profile of the agency’s professionalism and knowledge of numerous target industries.

Within this three month period, both goals were achieved.  Engagement and awareness were raised to a much greater than expected extent, resulting in over 100 new contacts being added, with similar numbers following the company profile, company group and comments which have been posted in numerous discussion groups.  The timing of online branding activities was key in securing a large contract with a multi-national IT company.  Several project enquiries were made and are in the final proposal stages, as a direct result of online positioning tasks.