Strategic brand and marketing consultancy

A global marketing agency’s UK subsidiary specialising in strategic brand consultancy wanted to expand its business into new sectors where it was under-represented but had identified business potential, especially automotive, leisure and consumer retailing.

We quickly had to adjust to their creative, personality-driven culture to be able to pitch their services in a way that hit all the right buttons.

Sales cycles are long and contact levels are high, typically marketing director. Contract values are also high (average £100k +) so it was a question of quality not quantity.

With an excellent conversion ratio from a first meeting, they tasked us to secure just 10 new appointments in a 2-week campaign. We achieved this and immediately secured follow-on business which delivered a further 4 fully-qualified meetings.

We therefore generated hot leads for combined potential contract value of well over £1m for about the same cost as a half-page display advert in a marketing trade magazine.