High end printing firm

A London-based firm of printers specialising in producing top-quality brochures and other marketing collateral for luxury brands wanted to try new sectors to see if there was a wider market for its high-end services.

We convinced them that telemarketing was a quick and cost-effective way to do this, far cheaper than creating awareness through traditional advertising.

We helped them source a database of print buyers in various sectors and conducted an initial 2-week campaign which proved so successful (averaged 4 new appointments per day) that we were retained by them to do 10 days’ telemarketing every month for the best part of a year.

As well as raw lead generation, we also managed the appointments diary and handled all fulfilment requests by holding a small stock of print samples and company stationery and followed these up with further calls to maximise the conversion rate.

The project turned out to be very successful as our client hired initially one and then a second additional sales person to handle all the leads generated by us.